Sprinkle a whole Chicken with your favorite dry rub.

Then, place an Open Can of Soda (or Beer) on the BBQ.

(or if cooking in the oven, place the Open Can of Soda (or Beer) on a sturdy cooking tray)

Place my Soda Can Chicken Pan over the open can of Soda (or Beer).

Then, Carefully Place a whole chicken over the center cone of my Soda Can Chicken Pan”. 

The Chicken is now maintained in a sturdy upright position.

My “Soda Can Chicken Pan provides stability to the Chicken keeps it from toppling over.

Close the BBQ grill top.

Try to maintain a cooking temperature of 400 degrees or medium heat during the entire cooking process.

The heat from the grill (or oven) causes the Soda (or Beer) in the can to boil.

The flavored steam gets absorbed into the Chicken providing a delicious Roast Chicken that is Crispy, Juicy and Full of Flavor.

Cook Chicken to an internal temperature of 165-180 degrees.

For chickens under 6 lbs - cook about 90 minutes (depending on the size of the Chicken.)

*Please follow the Chicken Roasting Chart.

Remember to use a meat thermometer and follow my poultry cooking chart.
Place thermometer deep in the thigh of the Chicken.
Cook Chicken to an internal temperature of 165-180 degrees !

Sit down and enjoy the best SODA CAN CHICKEN you have ever tasted!